PressDoor Oy:lle 29 668 euroa tutkimustukea

Media-alan tutkimussäätiö myönsi 1.4.2020 PressDoor Oy:lle 29 668 euroa tutkimustukea hankkeelle ”Reader Revenue Markets for Digital Consumer Magazines”.

This research project focuses on the important topic of **paid content reader revenue** for digital consumer magazine publishers. It is a continuation of a pilot study 11/2019 – 01/2020 funded by Aikakausmedia that focused on identifying leaders in reader revenue and collecting success stories in a case database. Publisher feedback on the report from the pilot study raised the rhetorical question: *how big does the market or audience segment need to be, so that a consumer magazine publisher can be profitable in the digital sphere*?

While the pilot study opened up how digital consumer magazines are selling content and services to readers in terms of price points, content packages, and offerings, it did not, however, analyse the sizes of the targeted markets and audience segments.

The main idea in this research project is to address the question of digital consumer magazine profitability with two complementing approaches:

  1. Complement the existing case database by **surveying market and audience segment sizes** of selected digital consumer magazines, and draw the implications for publishers in smaller-language regions.
  2. **Develop and evaluate concepts** for paid digital magazine content together with two magazine publishers.

The results of this research work will be i) a set of 20 market size analyses, ii) a framework for evaluating profitability of digital consumer magazine paid content concepts that addresses smaller-language region issues. These results contribute to the knowledge on creating viable reader revenue for magazine media.