Sustainable Journalism Partnershipille 40 000 euroa tutkimustukea

Media-alan tutkimussäätiö myönsi 6.2.2024 pitämässään kokouksessa 40 000 euroa tutkimustukea Sustainable Journalism Partnershipin hankkeelle ”E-courses on how to run a successful environmentally, socially and economically sustainable media company. Target group: Media managers and editors”.

The need for sustainable journalism stems from two concurrent global crises:

  • society’s sustainability crisis, which stems from climate change and environmental degradation, poverty, armed conflicts, gender inequality, uncontrolled technical development (AI) and crumbling democracies.
  • the sustainability crisis of journalism, which stems from a drop in advertising revenues, fierce competition from global social media companies, media capture, shrinking space for freedom of expression, uncontrolled technical development (AI), disinformation, and the public’s declining trust in the media.

This project is based on the belief that these crises are intertwined. An environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable society requires journalism addressing the sustainability challenges. The sustainability and continued relevance of journalism, both as a practice and a business, depends on its ability to meet these challenges.

Based on this logic, this project expands the traditional role of journalism from being only a safeguarder and promoter of democracy to an enabler of sustainable societies.

Sanoma, The Guardian and Schibsted are three sustainability media world leaders. In this project, they have joined with the Sustainable Journalism Partnership, a global NGO with leading researchers, media leaders, educators, reporters and entrepreneurs from 70 countries.

This project is a starting point where Sanoma, the Guardian and Schibsted, together with leading sustainability and media researchers, share their knowledge with other media companies in Finland and globally. The e-courses produced in this project provide insights into how to run a successful environmentally, socially and economically sustainable media company, both from an editorial and a management perspective.