Randa Romanovalle 2 380 euroa matka-apurahaa

Media-alan tutkimussäätiö myönsi 6.6.2023 pitämässään kokouksessa Randa Romanovalle 2 380 euroa matka-apurahaa tutkimusharjoitteluun Tukholmaan, jossa hän kerää aineistoa tutkimukseensa ”Journalistic self-regulation in the Nordic Countries: the challenge of artificial intelligence and algorithmic automation”.

My research project titled ”Journalistic self-regulation in the Nordic countries: the challenge of artificial intelligence and algorithmic automation” investigates the state of journalistic self-regulation in the Nordic countries and identifies the strategies and practices employed by media organizations and media accountability institutions to promote high-quality journalism and ensure ethical and responsible journalism in the era of AI. This traineeship is dedicated to the second phase of data collection and contributes to the gathering of comparative data for the project. The data on the Swedish self-regulatory system will be collected through a research traineeship at Södertörn University, Stockholm from 1st October to 1st December 2023. During the traineeship, I will investigate specific solutions designed by national self-regulators and newsrooms to provide ethical and responsible use of new technologies in Sweden. This will involve an analysis of national media councils, media ombudspersons, and codes of conduct, regarding operating statutory regulations. The findings will particularly reveal current strategies to inform the audience about the use of artificial intelligence in the newsroom, and the tools to complain on news automation or personalization matters.

The implications of this project are significant for media institutions and the audience alike as it aims to reduce the risks associated with inadequacy and inapplicability of ethical standards designed for traditional journalistic institutions. Through the research traineeship, I aim to acquire advanced research skills and an understanding of qualitative data collection techniques, as well as develop cultural awareness and deepen my knowledge of the Nordic media landscape.